the pain matrix


Are you in the Pain Matrix?

Whether chronic or from an injury, physical pain is the most unpleasant feeling we can experience

When your muscles & joints are in pain, it becomes nearly impossible to:

-Focus properly

-Be present with loved ones

-Perform at your job or a sport

-Engage in basic walking & exercise

-Even get a good night's rest!


Dr. Daniel Woodruff, a chiropractor in North Michigan, was in the pain matrix just like you are right now.

While ________, he stumbled upon what we now know to be the next groundbreaking technology - the keys to escaping the Pain Matrix!

By keys, we are referring to "resetting" the neuromuscular system to a previous point in time and undoing trauma-adjustments the brain has made through different vibration techniques.

Keys on Ring_edited.jpg

The best part?

You don't need to be a chiropractor, or even a doctor at all to use these techniques to relieve your & other's pain!

You don't need expensive equipment either.


Dr. Woodruff has freed countless lives from pain, not only through his own hands, but by sharing his keys to the Pain Matrix with others.

Now, he is ready to share them with you.

Ready to free yourself & others from the Pain Matrix?


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