vibrate-a-way TEAM

Dr. Daniel Woodruff, B.S.C., D.C.


Dr. Woodruff has always believed that in order to fix a problem in a new way, you have to see the problem in a new way. Otherwise, your approach is nothing more than a hope for miracles. It is our ability to understand the problem away from old and ineffective paradigms that gives us better healing potential. Remember, doing the same thing and expecting different results is the definition of insanity!​

​Daniel Woodruff, B.S.C., D.C., is a practicing healthcare provider of 20 years, lecturer, media personality, and creator of the Vibrate-A-Way method. Dr. Woodruff initially earned his Bachelor's degree in Communications, but after several years he discovered his true passion: healing.

After a chiropractor changed his life, taking away headaches that had plagued him for years, he moved to Kansas City to attend Cleveland Chiropractic College. After graduation, he worked first as an associate, then as an owner of three chiropractic clinics. He also served on the board for the Northern Michigan Chapter of the Red Cross.

Over time, he became dissatisfied with traditional standards of healthcare. "How it's always been done" has led us to problems ranging from too many physical therapy or chiropractic visits to increased surgeries and even the opioid addiction pandemic. So, he embarked on a journey of research and experimentation that led to the formulation of Neuromuscular Modulation, which is the method and technique behind Vibrate-A-Way. The results have surprised even him! He has been able to improve acute injuries and decades-long accommodative imbalances in just a period of weeks!  Countless lives have been changed, and he feels a great sense of urgency to create an outreach, giving the rest of the world hope for a better quality of life.  

Jessica Woodruff, President

Jake Larsen, Vice President


Jake has been the Vice President of Vibrate-A-Way since its inception in July of 2021. Jake has always believed that in order to grow one's business and personal success, it is imperative that you provide immense value to the masses. He first connected with the Woodruff's as a computer technician for his first business in North Michigan, Elk Country Computer Services, where he currently resides after growing up in NYC. Now, he hopes not just to improve the computers of his clients in a small geographical area, but instead to change the lives of millions around the world by spreading the message and techniques found only in Vibrate-A-Way. Jake enjoys being very active, and was first drawn into the Vibrate-A-Way System after noticing better performance during cycling and other recreational sports.

Ahdi Dasuqi


Ahdi started as a trainer driving anywhere to train anybody, bringing with him the simplest of tools- a bucket, a stick, and a basketball full of sand- and his own personal dedication. He failed his first personal training certification by one point, but considered that missed point the most valuable because it enabled him to realize that to ensure a client’s well-being would take more than a weekend.  It was going to take a proven education, dedicated time, repetition and mastered skill. Ahdi committed to a yearlong program at the National Personal Training Institute to earn his certification and then joined VIP fitness; where he trained for four years before making the move to be his own/operate. He came on board Encore Pilates with the purpose of spending a year learning and then becoming owner. In January of 2016, the business transitioned smoothly to Body by Ahdi, maintaining the equipment Pilates and evolving to include more personal training, weight training and boot camps. Now, Ahdi is a certified Vibrate-A-Way practitioner and continues to utilize both his Vibrate-A-Way and physical training skills at Body By Ahdi in Clarkston, Michigan