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Make the decision today to no longer accept a life sentence of everyday pain. The Vibrate-A-Way System can empower you to take charge and create for yourself an enjoyable quality of life to do the things you like and delight in those you love.

Once your spark has been ignited to encourage this change in others’ lives, too, we invite you to help us light the same fire around the globe. How can you help?

SHARE your story with just THREE other people who need Pain Relief. If your life was made

better quickly and easily by Vibrate-A-Way, think of all the people suffering needlessly. We have an entire

world to reach! Your impact of those three will multiply exponentially because you will specifically tell them to do the same: for every life touched, three more have the same opportunity to make positive change for themselves as part of the Pain-Free Initiative. Be an ambassador: offer hope and share! Share also on social media or any of your favorite platforms. Also share our book!

FUND the Pain-Free Initiative. Visit our website to learn about and donate to our outreach and missions. This summer, ambassadors from Vibrate-A-Way have the opportunity to visit Kenya and share the Vibrate-A-Way technique with a hospital and orphanage. We eagerly strive to bring the Pain-Free Initiative to low-income areas and 3rd world countries. Not only can you fund missions and outreach but also scholarships for those in special situations who wish to make their own impact by learning the technique for improving posture, increasing proper motion and resolving pain.

JOIN us! Be a part of the Future of Pain Relief at the ground level! Make good differences while making a

good income. Be a part of an organization that not only is changing the model of healthcare but of businesses, too, by truly supporting our team. More information about our certification program available on our website.

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