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Pain relief: You need it more than you think!

Are you hurting today? How about last week? Why are

you living with pain? You don’t need to suffer like this!


Commonly, we play the “blame game” and say our

back hurts because of a disc herniation from months

ago or a headache from a car accident when we were a

teenager. Believe it or not, those injuries have long since

been healed: why are they to blame now? It makes no

logical sense why it should hurt anymore because of

that injury. The injury no longer causes you pain: your

brain’s accommodation to the injury from months or

even decades ago is causing your pain because one area

cannot be isolated from the rest of the body.


In the world of chronic musculoskeletal pain, the site

of the pain is not the site of dysfunction because your

back pain is not a back problem. It is a body problem!

An accommodation to your body’s posture, which the

brain created as a part of initial adaptive responses,

was great at first; but the brain never resets those

accommodations back without its being “told” to.

Think of every injury, every stubbed toe, every fall

you’ve ever had and how many accommodations your

brain has stacked up—one upon another—until your

body’s posture is nothing like it was when you were

very young. Poor posture leads to incorrect movement,

resulting in pain. Pain can then lead to further

dysfunction in every other body system, not to mention

the emotional and mental impacts of suffering. The

sheer quality of our lives is threatened by chronic pain,

even our very mortality.


No one has discovered how to undo the brain’s

accommodations—until now! Our book, “Escaping The Pain

Matrix” is intended to teach people how to perform the

technique and take their loved ones through the 60-

day program, simply using a home massager. Proper

posture means proper movement, which then means

an absence of pain!

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