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Knowing Where to Treat is More Important Than How you Treat!

One of the major problems I see in musculoskeletal care is that most people don’t know where the problem is. Well, that seems ridiculous: obviously, where it hurts is you treat, right? With acute trauma, that may be true; however, with typical chronic conditions, that couldn’t be further from the truth. With nagging, never-ending issues, the pain tends to be the result of the problem.


This is exactly the reason why so much of our “home care” is ineffective: we treat the pain but not the dysfunction. The Vibrate-A-Way system is designed to address the dysfunctions and the accommodations associated with the pain. As a result, the pain associated with the dysfunction will be eliminated.


With dysfunction of a joint or an area of the body, the brain will make accommodations to protect it. Just like a temporary spare tire, it’s only good for a brief period of time and distance. However, most of us do not recognize that we are using a temporary spare when it comes to accommodations and the musculoskeletal system. It is only when we feel pain that doesn’t go away that we realize that there must be a problem somewhere else causing pain.


The Vibrate-A-Way system is specially created so that any two people can perform it on one another without having any health background. In my book, The Pain Matrix, not only will I show you my techniques, but you will also learn how the outdated paradigm of the health industry has limited the effectiveness of care and what traps to avoid in finding a resolution to your pain. Find out how to join our Pain-Free Initiative! Visit our website below or schedule a consultation at Body By Ahdi in Clarkston!

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