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…we just have to get him out!

At Vibrate-A-Way, we don’t treat conditions or prior diagnoses. We typically don’t need to know why you did what you did to cause your chronic pain. A lot of us get hung up on finding a single cause for our pain: an old injury, arthritis, fibromyalgia—you name it, and it’ll get blamed. What does it matter why the zebra is in the bathtub? Don’t you care more about getting him out of where he doesn’t belong? As much as we would like to be able to explain our chronic pain away, we simply cannot. Our bodies (including our brains) are far too complex for us to have the luxury of a “single cause, single effect, single solution.” It doesn’t matter the explanation: if you’ve suffered an injury, your brain has immediately created an accommodation to your posture, whether you consciously realize it or not. Since your entire body is connected, it’s all affected. However, what people don’t understand is that the brain doesn’t reset that altered posture unless it’s “told” to do so. Unfortunately, this altered posture or accommodation permanently changes how we move our bodies and our centers of gravity. Even the slightest of changes will naturally lead to dysfunction and degeneration.

But…how do we tell the brain to reset back to our original, correct posture, before all of these accommodations happened? How do we get the zebra out of the bathtub? Vibration: specific and sequential application of vibration, which is exactly what the Vibrate-A-Way technique is, and you don’t need a healthcare provider to receive it. You and a partner can learn our simple and effective technique with our book, Escaping the Pain Matrix, and its corresponding video, available at Scan the QR Code and take control of your pain and get your copy today!

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