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Clarkston’s Own Vibrate-A-Way Center

A life-changing experience awaits you at Body By Ahdi, right here in Clarkston! Did you know that Body By Ahdi became the first Vibrate-A-Way Center in southern Michigan last year? The Vibrate-A-Way System can help to restore proper posture, which allows your body to move correctly and, thus, often resolve pain issues—even chronic pain you thought you’d have to live with.

Meet Ahdi and Jean Dasuqi, Vibrate-A-Way’s dynamic mother-and-son duo. Dr. Woodruff met Ahdi over a year ago, and immediately Ahdi’s excitement surged at the possibilities that this revolutionary vibrational technique has to offer. Here’s a bit of his story:

“I found Vibrate-A-Way 3 months after a [major disc] herniation. I had successfully avoided surgery [...] but was in desperate need of something to reset the tension because I felt like my body was pulling against itself. I met Dr. Dan as a client, and when I started receiving Neuromuscular Modulation (our scientific name for the technique), it gave me the ability to move freely, challenge myself athletically and change my gait & posture in a way that allows me to workout hard and build strength, speed and the ability to absorb impact. It has saved my livelihood because—without my body—I can’t help anybody.”

After his experience, Ahdi became our first certified Specialist! Jean also wanted to make an impact on others’ health and wellbeing and was our second to certify, just after Ahdi. Both have been trained firsthand by the Creator of the Vibrate-A-Way technique and system, Dr. Daniel Woodruff. Next month, look for Jean’s story in this space, or watch both of their stories at

Please join us at our open house on February 18th and experience the Vibrate-A-Way technique for yourself: it may just change your life! Then, if you’re so moved as Ahdi and Jean were, you can begin your journey to become a certified Vibrate-A-Way Specialist, too!

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