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Awaken to the Reality of the Pain Matrix

Vibrate-A-Way™ is the future’s solution to an age-old problem of musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. As some of you may have realized through your own experiences with the standard healthcare system, we have followed the same model of assessment and treatment for musculoskeletal care for several decades—the same patterns of care with limited resolution to pain and dysfunction. We call this entire system the Pain Matrix.

The approach within the Pain Matrix may seem to advance by utilizing technology to improve assessment and offer a solution, but it is severely lacking. You still hurt—maybe more than you did before—and you’re no longer doing all the things that once gave you joy and fulfillment. You understand, to fix a problem in a different way, you first must see the problem in a different way. If you can recognize the existence of the Pain Matrix, then this is your first step in freeing yourself from its grasp. Let’s look together at the problem of dysfunction and pain and examine it through a new lens.

Paradigms are constantly shifting and changing. Remember back to the story of Galileo and all the ways he stirred up the world in his day? The previously-held Matrix of his time saw that the earth was the center point, and everything else revolved around it; they did not want to hear the new information that the earth revolved around the sun. Anything in this world that we accept as tradition or the “correct way” always started as a new idea. Those ideas are initially met with skepticism but become accepted as people were willing to try it—to embrace it—as new information becomes available.

And this is what Vibrate-A-Way™ offers: new information and a new vibrational system that is designed to provide pain relief, better posture, and freer movement—all ingredients to a greater quality of life. All you need is the book and a home massager!

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