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Breath of Heaven Children's Home, Kakamega (Kenya)


August 2023


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At Vibrate-A-Way, we are absolutely thrilled to announce our upcoming mission to provide free care to those battling pain in Kenya this August. Ambassadors from Vibrate-A-Way have the opportunity to visit Nairobi and share the Vibrate-A-Way Technique with Kenya's Ministry of Health, a local hospital and the Breath of Heaven Children's Home.

We eagerly strive to bring the Pain-Free Initiative to disadvantaged areas and 3rd world countries. Proverbially speaking, we will teach those in need how to fish, not merely give them a taste to ease their suffering.

However, we cannot achieve this mission alone. That's why we're reaching out to our amazing community and supporters to help us raise the necessary funds to make this trip a resounding success. Our estimated costs for this mission are approximately $8,500, which will cover travel expenses and supplies, among the myriad of other costs associated with such an undertaking. We also wish to bless the orphanage with a financial gift, as a thank-you for hosting us.

So, if Vibrate-A-Way has made a difference in your life, we invite you to consider joining us in our endeavor of the Pain-Free Initiative. With your generosity, you'll not only be making a difference in the lives of those in need but also becoming part of a powerful movement that's transforming lives and spreading love all around the world. Kenya is only the first of countless locations where which we plan to share the gift of Pain-Relief, hope and love!

Africa mission 2023: Kenya

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