For Individuals
Vibrate-A-Way might help you if you are...

  • Taking countless pills just to keep from going insane with the pain you're dealing with

  • Being labelled with conditions that will never go away, things you'll just have to 'live with' indefinitely as long as you live

  • Feeling great after a chiropractic appointment - only to feel worse again within days or even hours

  • Joint pain/fatigue in most places of your body, including back, hips, knees, neck, and shoulders

  • Experiencing difficulty performing simple tasks like driving, bending down, or even walking because of stiff muscles

  • Feeling hopeless as you realize that the medical, chiropractic, and physical therapy providers are temporary pacifiers and nothing more

Vibrate-A-Way Core Beliefs

  • Most problems individuals face (imbalances, pain, imbalances in movement and posture, etc.) are a result of physical or mental trauma at some point in the past

  • As a result of this trauma, both conscious and unconscious parts of your brain (associated with the basal ganglia) perform accommodations to certain muscles by shutting some off and depending more on others

    • This is because your brain isn't concerned so much with your performance or posture as it is with maintaining homeostasis

    • Homeostasis was and still is necessary for human beings - if it didn't exist our species would have never survived up until this point!

  • The injured body parts heal with time, but accommodations are permanent

  • Accommodations can lead to accumulated pain over time

    • Try standing on one foot for 20 seconds. Now, ​try it for 20 minutes. The pain and imbalance your muscles will experience in this experiment is a microcosm of how accommodations work

  • Our body's sense of proprioception means that nerves around these accommodated muscles are still functioning as normal

  • Vibration is picked up by these nerves, which always send a message to the same part of the brain that commands accommodations to be made

  • When done in a very specific order, sequential vibration & percussion on under and over-utilized muscles can undo accommodations, often leading to improved mobility, posture, balance, performance, and even reduced pain.

A lot of us suffer from chronic pain and limited motion. We tend to blame this on old injuries that happened to us years ago; yet, thinking of the last time you cut your hand, is it still bleeding? No! Tissues generally heal at the same rate, whether inside or outside of our bodies. So, why do we suffer chronic pain?


Of course, Vibrate-A-Way does not claim to diagnose or treat specific conditions: it doesn't have to. Often, the chronic pain and decreased motion can be attributed to poor posture. When we get injured, our brain changes other parts of our body to accommodate to that injury. Contrary to popular belief, once the injury is resolved, the brain does not change the accommodations: instead, it makes the accommodation the new normal for posture and movement.


As a result, other parts of the body will start to hurt because of improper over-usage. Over time, this could lead to conditions that require more drastic intervention.

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