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Make Your Own Impact

Become a Certified Vibrate-A-Way Specialist to Empower Yourself & Others

Help others escape the Pain Matrix, too! We cannot keep this to ourselves: the Vibrate-A-Way technique is Divinely-given and holds the power to change the world, from healthcare to homecare. We must join together and share this gift with every one we can, every life we can touch. It's simple, it's quick! We can show you how.

Do you want to make your own real difference in the world? Do you dream of making an impact, changing lives every day?


Your dream can quickly and easily become a reality, and it doesn't stop there! If you're passionate and heart-driven, joining our team as a Vibrate-A-Way Specialist empowers you to not only help others dramatically but to help yourself financially. Vibrate-A-Way believes in changing the status quo, and that means in business, too. Our growth is your growth. As a Specialist, you can practice the Vibrate-A-Way Program from your home or open your own Vibrate-A-Way Center. You can apply the technique anywhere, so the opportunities are limitless!


In this highly in-depth course, spread across four dynamic modules, you'll uncover the truth of the standard healthcare system and discover Vibrate-A-Way's innovative solutions. You'll learn about the physics of the human body and how to affect change and correction of it, using the brain to do so. Once you are certified, you will be able to practice under the Vibrate-A-Way, Inc. name, yourself.

Module 1: Escaping the Pain Matrix

Understanding Pain & Dysfunction, Approaches to Correcting

Module 2: The Human Body

Movement, Joints, Muscles, Neurology

Module 3: Posture & Gait Analysis

Interpreting and Correcting the Physics of the Body

Module 4: Application of Technique

Learn the Steps of each Protocol, How & When to Apply

Module 5: Communication

How to Effectively & Accurately Explain the Science & Technique

In-Person Evaluation Final

It feels so good to help others, be fulfilled, and get paid at the same time!


Meet Dr. Daniel R. Woodruff, D.C: Your Expert Guide for Hands-on Vibrate-A-Way Training

Dr. Woodruff is the founder of Vibrate-A-Way and has dedicated his career to understanding the body's natural ability to heal. Under Dr. Woodruff's mentorship, you'll learn how to effectively apply the Vibrate-A-Way technique and take your clients through the progr. He'll personally evaluate your performance during the in-person training with real recipients. With his approval, you'll earn your certification and join a community of practitioners making a difference.


At Vibrate-A-Way, our mission is to empower every person with the ability to live the fullest, most vibrant life they can imagine. With this in mind, we proudly offer a satisfaction guarantee with any of our certifications & products

Can I become certified with Vibrate-A-Way even if I don't have any prior experience in healthcare or bodywork?

Absolutely! This certification is designed to teach anyone, regardless of their background, how to effectively administer Vibrate-A-Way protocols.

How long does it take to complete this certification?

The course is structured in five separate modules, covering essential topics such as pain, anatomy, posture and gait analysis, and the Vibrate-A-Way technique itself. While its exact duration may vary based on your learning pace, we recommend completing the course in 8-12 weeks.

Is the in-person hands-on training a requirement for certification?

Can I further advance my skills after completing this certification course?

Yes, the final module includes in-person hands-on training with real recipients and is required. This experience allows you to apply the Vibrate-A-Way technique under Dr. Woodruff's guidance and ensures you are proficient in your skills.

We are excited to offer advanced and specialized certifications soon! This will allow you to deepen your knowledge, expand your skill set, and increase your income and outreach as a Vibrate-A-Way practitioner. In addition, we will be welcoming Trainers to our team. The sky's the limit!

Become a Certified Vibrate-A-Way Specialist to Empower Yourself & Others

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