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The Future of Pain Relief is Now

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"Proper posture means proper movement, which means an absence of pain."

Is a pain-free state possible? Yes, it is possible -- regardless of your age! 


"Because that's how it's always been done" doesn't cut it anymore! It’s time for fresh, new innovation and new ways of looking at musculoskeletal problems. New ways of addressing them. And this is what Vibrate-A-Way can do -- with just a simple technique and a home massager.

Make the decision today to no longer accept a life sentence of everyday pain. The Vibrate-A-Way System can empower you to take charge and create for yourself an enjoyable quality of life to do the things you like and delight in those you love. 

If you've chosen to make this journey from a state of physical pain, let Vibrate-A-Way guide you up the Pain-Relief Pathway. This journey is best taken with a partner. Begin by reading Escaping the Pain Matrix and watch its corresponding informational video, which includes step-by-step instructions from Dr. Woodruff himself how to successfully apply the vibrational protocols designed to convince your brain to correct your posture, which allows for proper movement, thus resolving the associated pain. You'll begin to feel the difference immediately.

Fast-forward 60 days. Yes, the Vibrate-A-Way Program needs only about 60 days for your brain to accept the correct posture as its new "normal." It is evident that you feel better, you're moving better and even looking  better; reflect on how your quality of life has improved without the everyday pain -- the major differences and all those little blessings alike. It's exciting! It's like you have a whole new life to live! Isn't it easier for love to flow, within yourself and to your loved ones? Naturally, a spark has been ignited within your heart to encourage this change in others’ lives, too, so we invite you to help us light the same fire around the globe. How can you help?


Share your story with just THREE other people who need Pain Relief. If your life was transformed quickly and easily with the Vibrate-A-Way Program, think of the people you know who are suffering needlessly. Think of all the others you don't  know. We have an entire world to reach! Your impact of those three will multiply exponentially because you will specifically commission them to do the same: for every life touched, three more have the same opportunity to improve their lives as part of the Pain-Free Initiative. Be an ambassador: offer hope and share! Share also on social media by connecting with us and spreading information and experiences. Also share your copy of Escaping the Pain Matrix with your friends and family, so they can begin a journey of their own. Would you enjoy the resources and support of our Facebook community? 




Fund the Pain-Free Initiative. Donate to our outreach and missions. This summer, ambassadors from Vibrate-A-Way have the opportunity to visit Nairobi, Kenya and share the Vibrate-A-Way Technique with Kenya's Ministry of Health, a hospital and an orphanage. We eagerly strive to bring the Pain-Free Initiative to disadvantaged areas and 3rd world countries. Proverbially speaking, we will teach those in need how to fish, not merely give them a taste to ease their suffering.


Not only can you support our missions and outreach, but also the Vibrate-A-Way Specialist Scholarship Fund, for those in special situations who wish to make their own impact hands-on by learning the Vibrate-A-Way System. These Specialists are trained and certified to perform the Vibrate-A-Way technique and embark on a career path that is both empowering and fulfilling: another life-changer.


Our third donation program is for the Advancement in Vibrational Therapies. By funding this program, you help to propel the Pain-Free Initiative to new heights. We endeavor to merge our knowledge of science with the absolute power of compassion and empathy. Understanding that all matter is energy, if properly "tuned," dysfunction cannot exist; therefore, pain cannot exist. A truly holistic approach to wellness and well-being. The world is suffering, and physical pain is not the only reason. All of creation is connected: your suffering is the world's suffering, which is again your suffering. The great engineer and physicist Nikola Tesla, who is lesser known for his own advances in Vibrational Healing before the world was ready to accept this science, famously said, "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." We have already trailblazed new vibrational therapies with the Vibrate-A-Way Technique, in regard to physical pain. While there's much more yet to discover within the realm of our physical healing through vibration, imagine simple and effective therapies for mental and emotional pain, as well! Numerous Pain-Free Pathways toward healing of the body, heart, mind -- and soul! Oh, the love that we, as interconnected souls, could share and radiate in a Pain-Free world of vibrational resonance and harmony!

Join us! Be a part of the Future of Pain Relief at the ground level! Make good differences while making a good income. Earn your certification to perform the Vibrate-A-Way Technique for improving posture, increasing proper motion and resolving pain so you can guide your own clients through the Program as a Vibrate-A-Way Specialist. Be a part of an organization that not only is changing the model of healthcare but of businesses, too, by truly supporting our team. If you already own a health and wellness facility of any kind, become a Vibrate-A-Way Center and get on our map!



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