Changing the Way the World Deals with Pain


A posture and movement program designed to enhance motion, improve posture, and reduce pain
...regardless of age, body type, or condition

Vibrate-A-Way approaches symptoms related to balance, pain and posture as a physics equation, rather than a chemical or health-related problem. Our programs are designed to restore the brain-muscle connection using sequential vibration techniques and undo accommodations the brain has previously instated.


Applying these modules has shown to improve and even fully correct one's posture, allowing for greater mobility, balance, strength and overall well-being.

Relief for All (Individuals)


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The Vibrate-A-Way Program

  1. Analysis - a whole body approach to correct postural deviations & accommodative patterns

    In the first phase, posture, gait, and joint motion are investigated to detect accommodative changes the brain has made to the body. This is done in conjunction with a thorough history of injuries, surgeries, and repetitive usage events. Posture-correcting aids may be recommended or required, such as a vestibular disc, cervical orthosis, or laser-cut custom-made orthotics. An analysis is often conducted in under an hour.


  2. Decoding - joint-specific deviations of posture and movement receive more detailed attention

    During this phase, vibration and percussion are applied to modulate the nerves communicating with the brain about movement requirements regarding the body's position in time and space.


  3. Recoding - joint-specific deviations are given greater care & restored to a non-accommodated state

    New posture and movement parameters will be introduced. This phase is more intensive and can take a few weeks up to a few months, depending on how long the accommodative pattern has existed and how severely it was introduced if through injury.

    Good posture & movement are maintained through brain & body exercises. However, reinforcement for some period of time might be necessary for a patient to maintain results. This less-intensive phase will consist of vibration and percussion application only on areas of improper change. Physical activity that encourages joint movement and muscle demand is also undertaken. 


Debi, 67, sustained an injury that left her with an injured neck. Taking anywhere from 4-10 painkillers per day that weren't working, Debi found that her pain levels subsided after receiving care from Vibrate-A-Way. She also noticed increased flexibility, range of motion, and holistic improvement across her body

Chris, 34, had pain across his neck, back, hips, and legs ever since his late 20s. After each session of Vibrate-A-Way practitioning, Chris notices that he feels better for longer and longer as his brain is finally letting go of accommodations from previous injuries, restoring his posture to its original, untainted state

Maurice, 68, struggled with bad posture, lack of motion, and rigidity issues for over three years, and also endured a decade of back pain. Maurice says that a primary way he maintains his quality of life as a senior citizen is through Vibrate-A-Way, which has drastically improved his posture and motion, and reduced his pain.

Michelle, 40, tried every advice to alleviate her pain. Medical doctors, physical therapists - even surgeons - failed to relieve her multiple issues. After trying solutions from Vibrate-A-Way as a 'last resort', Michelle was overjoyed to experience immediate pain relief after only one session

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